Caling all cliches: Last taboos

Following our celebration of binary thinking in the press, we now pay tribute to the work of Fleet Street’s finest as they endeavoured to overcome taboos over the past six months. If only they could agree on what the last taboo was:

‘Menopause – the last taboo for workplaces’ – Express on Sunday, 6 December 2015

‘Gay gaffer will help shatter the last taboo [homosexuality in football].’ – Sunday Mail 29 November 2015

‘[As a parent] drugs are the last taboo, not least because it’s a discussion that involves the imposition of boundaries, which is not our forte.’ – Daily Telegraph 13 November 2015

‘Old people having sex is the last taboo.’ – Times 24 October 2015

‘One of the last taboo conversations, the issues around our own deaths.’ – Herald 28 September 2015

‘The bowel and its functions are the last taboo.’ – South Wales Echo 9 September 2015

‘When the Chapman brothers bought a set of Goya’s Disasters of War prints in 2001 and promptly changed all the visible victims’ heads to clowns’ and puppies’ heads calling it Insult to Injury, it ignited a conversation about vandalism versus art. Some thought it was the last taboo while others praised it as a commentary on war.’ – Independent 9 September 2015

‘What you think of someone else’s home is the last taboo.’ – Sunday Times 6 September 2015

‘Talking about money is the last taboo in this country.’ – Daily Express 20 August 2015

‘“No short men” – Is this the last taboo of dating?’ – Daily Telegraph 28 July 2015

‘The last taboo is doing something simply and doing it well.’ – Observer 19 July 2015

‘Three cheers for Wimbledon ladies’ singles champion Petra Kvitova for talking openly about the “last taboo” in sport, when she declared that it was tough on women if they have their periods during tournaments.’ – Sun 4 July 2015


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