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Pick of the pops: A Song for Jeremy

artwork-2-tone-corbyn-thinThe Labour leadership contest feels already to have become a permanent feature of life, and to have lost perhaps the visceral excitement of those heady July days. For the activists directly involved in campaigning, no doubt the thrill is not entirely gone, but for the rest of the country – well, it appears to have decided that it’s had enough politics for now, and has either gone on holiday, or else has retreated to the sofa with a drink and a selection of potato-based snacks to watch the Olympic Games.

What’s needed is a rabble-rousing call to arms, an anthem for our times that might stir the passions lying dormant in the breasts of the British people and summon us to the barricades.

Sadly, this isn’t quite that, but you’ll still be glad you heard it.

So here’s Tony Upson and other members of the Barnet branch of Unison with an adaptation of ‘A Message to You, Rudi’, the lyrics rewritten in praise of Jeremy Corbyn, ‘man of the people’ and leader of a ‘new generation’.


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