Livingstone: a tribute in tweets

On 21 May 2018, Owen Jones tweeted: ‘Glad that Ken Livingstone has left the Labour Party. He could have gone down in history as a brilliant progressive Mayor, and just trashed his reputation.’ The following words are extracted from the many comments that were posted on Twitter in reply…

Bizarre twilight world! It’s a sad day when the most socialist of true Labour has to resign.

Fake made-up news, bankrolled by Friends of Israel Blairites, it’s the only thing they have left against Corbyn.

The Labour Party has bowed to pressure from Friends of Israel. Chakrabarti is right on this one.

It was politically opportune harpies (male and female) and their mates in the media who did their level best to trash his reputation. He’s earned his place in history – it won’t be kind to them (if it remembers them at all).

If anyone should be chucked out, it’s John Mann for his disgusting public assault on Ken. Ken was tactless maybe but remember not ALL of the Jewish community thought Ken was wrong!

I suspect we will lose few genuine Jewish supporters, they’ll see this for what it is, the ones who leave probably had their natural homes in another party anyway.

Ken’s remarks were ill advised but his comments were historically correct. In this febrile atmosphere, heightened by lobbying from the Israeli/Zionist machine, Labour leadership has clearly buckled to pressure.

Ken Livingstone didn’t tell a lie, did he? We all know that the state of Israel has stolen land in Palestine. When the dollar eventually collapses so will Israel.

Criticizing Israel should not be seen as anti-Semitism, and if the Jews think so, then they are a part of the problem and not the solution to the crisis.

If a homosexual murders someone, is it homophobic to say he did wrong?

This can’t be lumped on Ken’s shoulders, there are greater forces at work here… Mossad are not guilt free in all this. Though Ken did himself no favours…

Britain’s Jews need to stop playing the victim and look out for others. Compare their attitude to the Sikhs for example. Treated badly by the British government, if not worse. No word of complaint from them.

What did Ken say that wasn’t true? Serious question.

I don’t know exactly what Ken said and am not going to check that out, but I do think it’s a shame that someone who has done so much good work over the years is going. I shall now check out what he said.

Not one person could point out that he was not stating fact!

What he said about Hitler was fact and you know it.

I think he may have been at fault in possibly misinterpreted history.

Careless and misplaced references to historical events don’t erase his efforts to create a London free of persecution of all minorities including Jewish people.

Ken is no anti-Semite. He is as honest as day.

I don’t believe he was anti-Semitic but he has on several occasions handled the subject poorly.

Ken was not anti-Semitic. He may have mentioned Hitler one too many times.

His comments were historically accurate but tasteless. He has fallen on his sword for the Party.

I’m not glad he has left but I admire the self-sacrifice he has made by stepping away from the Party he loves.

He has sacrificed himself for the greater good. Sad.

History will judge this as a media-driven witch-hunt against a man of principle.

Ken was thrown into the water. He floated so he’s guilty.

The Labour Party should have stick to principles instead of scapegoating Ken Livingstone who worked all his life for people of all races and classes: I have respect for Ken!!

Livingstone is the soul of the Labour Party.

I liked Ken, he was a socialist, a man who cared for the oppressed.

It’s a sad day for democracy.

I will miss him. Labour through and through.

Half the critics couldn’t lace his shoes.

He remains the best Labour leader in the last forty years.


Note: Minor corrections have been made to spelling and punctuation in an attempt to keep this readable. We do have some standards, you know.

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