McDonnell: a tribute in tweets

This week Labour’s former shadow chancellor John McDonnell went on Robert Peston’s ITV show and cautiously suggested that he supported British military assistance to Ukraine:

Not everyone was pleased, as the reaction on Twitter demonstrated. All the following tweets should be read as [sic].

I’m incredibly disappointed in John McDonnell. I’ve been a supporter for a long time. I can’t support this.

Dear god, John, what a terrible disappointment you are!

What happened to this guy?

Oh, John. What’s happened to you?

Who are you, and what have you done with John McDonnell?

What a despicable fraud McDonnell has turned out to be.

Oh dear me!

WTF John??

John wtf !!!!

Fucking let down.

John McDonnell, nothing now but a massive letdown.

John totally letting himself down here. Shame, thought he was more alert than most MPs.

Shame on you John

Shame on you John, you’re no different to the right-wing warmongers.

Shameful. John McDonnell has really revealed himself in the last few years as a stooge for the British establishment.

Whose got at you John? Sold out ? Why has @johnmcdonnellMP sold out his values and morals? #CorbynWasRight about this topic and you supported him, now you’ve turned too!

Now ask yourself, what dirt do they have on John McDonnell

What have Starmer got on you John? After a ministerial role?

Proof that everyone has their price! Disappointing!

John am dissapointed. Hopelessly naive…

This is very disappointing….

Well this is extremely disappointing to say the least. What a prick.

What a prick he’s turned out to he..

What an odious charlatan McDonnell turned out to be. Utterly cretinious. Wretched wretched man.

Utterly pathetic to hear him say that.

John McDonnell and Nadia Whittome have just praised #Zelensky and has called for a #Ukraine victory, still think #Labour has a left worth fighting for?

Nauseating to watch ‘left’ Labour MPs like John McDonnell and Nadia Whittome lining up with the warmongering Tories, Blairites and British ruling class over Ukraine.

I watched this last night and cringed. I did not expect John McDonnell to suck up to Tory rhetoric on Ukraine. I kind of expected it from Nadia Whittome as she sometimes is a bit flip floppy on certain stuff but this is certainly really disappointing.

John McDonnell supports sending weapons to help the far-right Ukraine junta but says it will prolong war. This follows Nadia Whittome also siding with the Rise of Nazism in Europe in publicising her support for Ukraine dictatorship. The Labour ‘Left’ are hopeless.

Got to wonder what pressure these people are under. I don’t believe McDonnell or Whitmore believe this tripe. And I don’t believe they are bribe-able. Are they being threatened?

Biden’s bitches.

I wish he’d just fck off. He’s as bad as that other fraud … Lansman. No you don’t speak for the left John. You’re a liberal imperialist.

Why do the Left fall for people like John McDonnell and George Monbiot? They are clearly not on our side

When you sleep with dogs eventually you become one of them. John spent too much time with the right wing lunatic fringe I think. Sigh…

Clear evidence that being in the Labour Party and spending time with Labour MPs rots your brain.

Yet another example how there’s no difference between left or right, Labour or Conservative as all players are bought and paid for and all promote the same goals Warmongering from all – no talk about negotiating a peace deal, which ultimately will have to happen

He’s a WEF puppet, who like Sunak is doing as he’s told.

What an absolute fraud – labour is a gutter party and all its members with this support for a war machine

Why am I not surprised that the John Mcdonnell…who chatted happily with Campbell,said Margaret Hodge had a good heart and smeared Wadsworth,Williamson and yourself…. is now in favour of pouring more arms into Ukraine? Dismal stuff as ever from him now

What happened? Remain was an enormous dropped boll#ck. This is warmongering. Keir Hardie is spinning.

Corbyn would never say this. This is tantamount to Social Democrats voting for war at the start of WWI, betraying working class people. Betrayal is inherent in social democracy. Only the best reformists and revolutionaries opposed the war, Leibnicht, Luxemburg, Lenin, Trotsky etc

Used to like this guy, but he is exemplifying exactly what sort of no-mark he is now. He’s like one of those German Lib incompetents Lenin would have destroyed in his works for aligning with the German War effort

What an empire simp McDonnell is. This is New New Labour – a place where former radicals go to die.

If you can’t beat them join them hey John? Rather than taking the unpopular stance of calling out NATO expansion and escalation and Western chickenhawk leaders who seem keen to risk it all so they can grandstand and parade around as wannabe Churchill’s.

John Macdonnell isn’t saying anything factual here, he is backing the NATO line lockstep Can’t believe this is the guy people used to chant “arm John McDonnell” about

Seriously, what the fuck is John McDonnell on about? His solution is for NATO to pour more weaponry into a war zone without any plan to bring about a ceasefire? God he’s fallen hard.

The war drum is deafening. NATO are a terrorist organisation

Where has your socialistic view gone John, I met you once at a Labour Party Council election start. I think you have sold out your values. You do realise that the government is sleepwalking into WW3 as we speak? You need to get back on the peace bandwagon

And just what the fuck would he know?

He never made sense.

John McDonnell – war hawk extraordinaire, who would have thought?

Poor from John; last person I would have expected warmongering from

what a surprise. scratch em and they all turn out to warmongering superbrits.

Sad to see John McDonnell on the #Peston garbage show supporting fascist Ukraine by backing tanks, etc.. I guess drawing an MP’s salary and the rest is too alluring. There’s no one to give an alternative viewpoint on Ukraine yet there is a great deal of academic support for it.

Stupit auld basti

John McDonnell is a bastard and must never be trusted again I used to flatter him and think he had been bought by MI5 But the truth is probably much sadder The guy is just a sad little fuckwit!

Thought John showed his ass when he denied Blair was a war criminal when questioned by Alistair Campbell but this is full-frontal and it ain’t pretty

Reader, it turns out that John McDonnell is all mouth and no trousers, too

John McDonnell is now a neo con shill.

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