The authors

DAN ATKINSON is the co-author, with Larry Elliott, of a series of books on the political economy of Britain: The Age of Insecurity (1998), Fantasy Island (2007), The Gods that Failed (2008), Going South (2012) and most recently Europe Isn’t Working (2016). As an economics journalist, he has worked for the Guardian and the Mail on Sunday. He blogs at This Is Money.

SAM HARRISON is an editor of non-fiction, with a particular interest in modern British history and popular culture. His publishing includes Sonia Purnell’s controversial biography of London mayor Boris Johnson, Just Boris (2011), Graham McCann’s A Very Courageous Decision: The Inside Story of Yes Minister (2014), and several of the titles by Lion & Unicorn’s own Alwyn Turner listed below.

SIMON MATTHEWS is the author of Psychedelic Celluloid (2016) and its sequel Looking for a New England (2021). He writes regularly for Lobster and Shindig and has a particular interest in UK political and cultural history. His most recent books are House in the Country: Where Our Suburbs and Garden Cities Came From and Why it’s Time to Leave Them Behind and Free Your Mind! Giovanni ‘Tinto’ Brass, Swinging London and the 1960s Pop Culture Scene.

PAUL SAFFER is a sports writer, editor and broadcaster, mainly with and its UEFA Champions League radio show Matchday Live and accompanying podcast.

ALWYN TURNER is the author of books about British culture and politics, including The Biba Experience (2004), The Man Who Invented the Daleks (2011) and The Last Post (2014), as well as a trilogy on the collapse and re-making of the post-war consensus: Crisis? What Crisis? (2008), Rejoice! Rejoice! (2010) and A Classless Society (2013). His most recent book is All in It Together: England in the Early 21st Century (2021). He lectures at Chichester University.